Pool Opening Services

Spring Full Opening - $310

  • Complete opening from start to finish
  • Winter water removal
  • Pressure washing of pool deck/cover/water bags
  • Installation of pool ladder(s), diving board, and handrails
  • Super chlorinating pool with 10L of chorine
  • Installation of pool jets
  • Pool will be started to verify that pump, filter, and heater are working
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Spring Partial Opening - $250

Prior to Schwimmer Pool Service arriving, you will have removed all the water from on top of the winter cover, so that the cover can be removed without requiring the use of our pump.
  • Installation of pool ladder(s), diving board, and handrails
  • Super chlorinating pool with 10L of chlorine
  • Installation of pool jets 
  • Pool will be started to verify that pump, filter and heater are working
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Equipment Start-Up - $140

Prior to Schwimmer Pool Service arriving, you will have to have removed the winter cover and filled the pool to it's operating level.

  • The pump plugs, the filter cap, any automatic chlorinating device will be put in place
  • The pump, filter, and heater will be started and optimally tuned.
  • Pool will be superchlorinated
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Please note that Vacuuming of the swimming pool is not included in any opening services. This includes any debris that has fallen in during the winter. An initial vacuuming can be scheduled on an alternate date for an additional cost. Also, prior to our arrival it would be appreciated that all plugs and deck equipment be accessible to us, that the power to your pump is turned on at the breaker in the house and that running water is available to wash the winter cover. (H.S.T not included)

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Maintenance Pricing

We realize your swimming pool can be quite costly at times. For anyone hoping to get more use out of their backyards this year we would like to make it more affordable for you to enjoy your swimming pool. Weekly maintenance this season will be  $200 / month. That includes 4 visits to your pool (1 per week) to vacuum, backwash, and maintain chemicals with regular water testing. If you book for the entire summer you will also receive $50 off your pool closing this season.

*Maintenance does not include all chemicals needed, only a weekly shock of chlorine for applicable pools. Maintenance must be beginning in June to at least September for closing discount to apply. We also service salt water pools.


Good Neighbour Opening Discount

We appreciate that some customers have referred our services to neighbours that live on the same street. It helps make our scheduling easier and we would like to share this convenience with you and your neighbour(s). Anyone who wishes to schedule more than one pool opening for the same day will receive $40 off both openings. That's $265 for each full pool opening. An additional $10 off for each additional neighbour willing to join. For this offer to be valid we need all parties names and addresses and payment must be received on or prior to the day of the opening. This only includes neighbours who live on the same street; they don't have to be next door to each other.


Schwimmer Pools is changing how pool owners buy chemicals. Purchase your chemicals for the season directly from the experts that service your pool. Not only will we be able to ensure you are getting exactly what your pool needs but we will bring that right to your pool shed, all for the lowest prices on the market.