About us

Schwimmer Pool Service is an owner operated business that is entering its 16th season. Mitch Ellis, founder of the company has spent over Two Decades developing a solid foundation built on customer service starting in the industry over 20 years ago. Over the years, with the help of word of mouth referrals, Schwimmer Pools has seen consistent growth.
It has always been important to Schwimmer Pools to provide a one on one, friendly, knowledgeable and trust worthy service. We understand that it really makes a difference to know with whom you will be dealing with each time you use a service, and to know who your questions and concerns will be addressed and met by.
Our goal is to bring this experience to even more pool owners throughout Southern Ontario. Only by searching for team members that share in this passion for honest, respectful, and pleasant customer service, have we been able to achieve this. With the training of key employees like Kyle Puljar and Matt Ryan over the years we began to branch into more areas. Now with Mitch, Kyle, Matt and Eric we strive to bring a new standard of pool care and service to your area.